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Aromatic Energy Treatment. 
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 All Natural &

Non Toxic Skincare

Our luxurious bath products are made fresh in our studio, located in Ocala, Florida.

Our delightful and charming bath goodies are unique and fun. From our beach-scented soap, to our signature scent, Coconut Lime Whipped Body Butters there is something for everyone.

All of our soaps are made with a little bit of old school technique, with a little modern technique thrown in the mix! Think glitter...

We use the finest organic ingredients, pure uncut fragrance and natural essential oils in all of our delightful bath treats.

Visitors to our studio are able to sample our amazing whipped body butter, pick out the exact soap slice they want, create their very own of our bubble bath/truffle and so much more. We love to visit and meet new people every day. My goal is to be the #1 gift shop for handmade soaps.

We hope when you leave that we did everything to make sure you had the most memorable and unique experience. We look forward to seeing you again.

Karishma Bath & Body Care